Bubble wrap

bubble wrap
It is the most commonly used material in the world for securing products during transport. Its versatility, low cost, elasticity, durability, multiple use, cushioning properties as well as tolerance against mechanical damage causes that you reach for it so often. What makes it stand out amongst all other packaging materials available on the market is the fact that it protects even the most delicate objects and electronics from scratches or other damage. It also protects from the effects of shakes and falls which is especially important during transport of porcelain or glass. Bubble wrap is used as insulation and protection against moisture. It is also willingly used as a filler in the empty spaces of boxes. It is fully recyclable.

As with the other protective packaging, bubble wrap is to be selected according to the intended use. Our sales department will be happy to help you choose the right option. In order for us to accurately identify the correct foil, in your query, please specify:

  • what product will be packaged in the foil (weight, dimensions)
  • number of layers (how much strength should the foil have against ripping)
  • foil thickness
  • chemical composition (LDPE, MDPE or HDPE)
  • color (usually clear, but it’s possible to make it almost any color)
  • foil properties (UV resistance, antistatic)

Our clients usually chose the two or three-layer foil manufactured from LDPE and/or HDPE polyethylene. We establish the width with the client, although it ranges from 10 to 250 cm. The length is also established from 10 to 150 meters. bubble wrap

Large bubble wrap

The foil that is breaking through the industry. What makes it different is the size of the bubbles and its mechanical durability. It is used to protect heavy objects, even above 30 kg. Due to the larger bubbles, it is used to fill boxes which cause that the item inside has no possibility of moving during transport. It is most commonly made from HDPE and MDPE which makes it hard to puncture. It provides max protection against shattering, bumps as well as damage. That is why it is commonly used as protection for expensive RTV and AGD equipment.

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