Decorative packaging

decorative packaging
Our range of products includes decorative packaging, made of high-quality cardboard, decorated with veneer or prints. Packages of this type are used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, for packaging gifts and souvenirs, for exclusive products or advertising of products. Upon request, we pack in every dimension, shape, in any technology and color. We also realize orders for boxes with foil windows or special handles. Due to the specific purpose of decorative packaging, during their production, we pay special attention to their precise execution. Our packaging is characterized by its aesthetic and solid appearance, and high durability. We have a rich catalog of veneers, as well as ready-made patterns so that each customer can easily choose an interesting solution optimally matched to their needs and expectations.

Decorative cardboard boxes

Nowadays we cannot imagine packaged products only in gray cardboard boxes. It is widely known that during purchasing the client is strongly led by his or her eyes. Manufacturers know this very well, and use this knowledge by packing their products in ever more elaborate and colorful boxes decorated with unusual prints, embossment or bows.
One this is sure, and we make this known to all out our clients – these days, it is not enough to just have a product. You have the get the buyer interested through for example nice packaging.

How is decorative packaging created

wine packaging
The process of creating packaging is very time-consuming. First, the marketing department in consultation with the company ordering, agree with what to associate the product, what feelings it raises in consumers and how to create packaging that everyone will reach for. Then the graphic department prepares an initial graphical visualization basing on the marketing department’s findings and comments of the buyer, for example about the size of the logo and trying to make sure that what is created is innovative in today’s difficult market. After project approval and the choosing of the right technology which the packaging will be executed in comes time for production in the required amount. The entire order is delivered to the client protected against any mechanical damage and weather conditions (stretch foil) within the time established when making the order.

Decorative wine packaging

We offer decorative packaging for wine, gifts or other presents. Each box can be decorated with an additional occasional or advertising print.

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