Terms of delivery

Our aim is to satisfy every customer, regardless of order size. Therefore, surpassing your expectations, we introduced the general terms of delivery, which we strictly adhere to. Every order, whether it was made in person, by telephone or electronically via e-mail is always confirmed by the sales team. This confirmation must include:

  • order date
  • terms of delivery

  • product delivery date
  • a specified list of the ordered products
  • order cost
  • type of transport
  • contact information of the individual responsible for the order

Timely deliveries

What differentiates us from the competition is absolute on time delivery. Since the beginning of the company’s existence, our priority has been delivering our products on time. That’s why you have a 100% guarantee that regardless of the size of your order we deliver them according to our initial agreement. At each stage of your order, you can call our sales team (+48 22 350-64-97) to find out where your products are at the given moment and when they will be delivered.

Holding stocks for a particular client

Does it happen that you wait for your order more than a few days? With us, this is not something you have to worry about. In the case of long-term cooperation, we establish the amount of product we will keep in stock especially for you, so that not more that 48 hours passes from the moment you order to when your order is delivered.

Delivery in the European Union

Easy delivery contains a packing list. After sending out your order, you will receive an email with your parcel number, basing on which you can track your package on the courier’s or carrier’s website. The majority of products, due to their size, are packed on euro or 1200×1200 pallets. Each order regardless of size and quantity is carefully packaged so that no conditions are able to damage it.
We deliver our products with the help of:

  • private carriers
  • transport companies

The client shall pay the customs charges of which their product is subject to in the country in which it is picked up. The first 2 transactions require prepayment. The following deferred payment.

Quick Contact
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