Heat Shrink wrap

The more and more popular way of packaging ready products is the combination of individual units into groups and then sealing them with thermal foil. This significantly simplifies the further loading / handling, and transportation to the final customer. We offer foil in almost any color or highly transparent. The possibility of adding graphics and / or text. Shrink wrap should be selected for the specific customer and the specific products, which will be located under the film. The first step should be choosing the thickness of the foil. We, therefore, recommend contacting our advisors, who after asking a few questions will be able to present the most suitable offer for your presented needs.

This method of securing products has many benefits:

    heat shrink wrap boats

  • speedy packaging,
  • low cost,
  • easiness of shrinking the foil,
  • UV resistant,
  • long lasting protection against mechanical damage and weather conditions.

We offer:

  • half-sleeves (most commonly ordered amongst our clients),
  • tapes,
  • sleeves.

The maximum width of our foil is up to 5,8 m! This makes it that it is widely used in production facilities and warehouses. There is a possibility of cutting the foil into specific pieces, bags, tunnels, etc.

Heat Shrink wrap for yachts and boats

The only sure protection during the transport of yachts and boats is Shrink wrap UV resistant. Even elaborate shapes and a large length of the vessel are not an obstacle to this method of packaging. Ideal protection from the sun, dust, rain and stones. Designed to shrink with the use of a gas burner, a heat gun, and heating tunnels. Increasingly often, we deliver half-sleeves perfectly matched to a specific boat model. This dramatically reduces the time a boat is packaged, because you only need to develop the appropriate pieces and connect them by heat. Most often, our customers choose a roll width of 160 cm, and after the unraveling of the foils folds its width is up to 5.80 m.

Heat Shrink wrap for the food industry

heat shrink wrap
Today we can not imagine the logistics and shipping of food products without the use of shrink wrap. Whether we are dealing with bottles of 1.5 liter PET or cans of beer – producers are increasingly willing to resort to this method of packaging products. This foil is most often colorless, although more and more manufacturers are adding their logos and varied text with which we associate a particular brand. The offered plastic sleeve, which leads the way in this industry, is safe when in contact with food and can be used in direct contact with it (e.g.,. meats).

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