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Packaging boxes are a versatile and environmentally friendly type of packaging, which is successfully used both by companies and by individuals. Their main advantage is their low price, but also strength, lightness and great protection of goods during transport. Cardboard packaging can be used in various ways because they can be produced in various forms and sizes. The most frequently used cardboard is 3-, 5-, and 7-layered in different sizes and shapes (flat, square, oblong, etc.), adapted to goods of different dimensions. In addition, we provide the possibility to choose the color of cardboard (white or gray) and the ability to print on any part of the box.

There are 4 basic parameters which indicate the strength of cardboard packaging:

  • FCT – wall resistance (cardboard sheet) against deformation
  • ECT – wall resistance (cardboard sheet) against edges crushing
  • BCT – box resistance against crushing
  • number of layers

In order to choose the correct type of cardboard, we recommend contacting our advisors, who after a brief analysis will present an offer basing on your specific needs.

Our offer includes cardboard packaging of all types, solid or corrugated, in this:

  • Flap boxes
  • Lid boxes
  • Shaped boxes
  • Laminated boxes
  • Cardboard packaging for fruit
  • Boxes for bikes
  • Pizza boxes
  • Moving boxes
  • Mail boxes
  • Cardboard packaging for bulky and heavy goods
  • Archive boxes
  • and others

2-layer cardboard

It is suitable mainly for securing and packaging longitudinal and long goods as well as a product separator. We offer it in the form of rolls and sheets (lengths of the beam are set individually with the client). Customers often use it as floor protection during renovation and when painting walls.

3-layer cardboard and Packaging boxes

Mainly used for packing light objects. Sheet thickness from 1.5 to 4 mm.

4-layer cardboard and Packaging boxes

Best for packaging larger dimensions and highly weighted products. Sheet thickness from 2 to 5 mm.

5-layer cardboard and Packaging boxes

Most popular from our offer. Used by large companies to transport their heaviest products. By setting the carton on a pallet, it is possible to pack up to 700 kg.

7-layer cardboard and Packaging boxes

Built for the most demanding customers and their products. We realize individual orders for specific performance and unusual design.

We guarantee high-quality packaging and an attractive price, regardless of order size. Ordered packing is sent unfolded, on pallets, properly secured.

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