Packaging tapes

packaging tapes
Nowadays it is difficult to imagine the packaging process, without the use of packaging tapes. Similar to bubble wrap – these are essential elements in every warehouse. The main application is not limited to sealing boxes and cardboard. Currently by using tape you are creating a brand, placing important information, or marking dangerous spots.

Contrary to appearances, it is not easy to choose the right tape. The multitude of material they are made of, the strength or viscosity of the adhesive to each area makes it worthwhile to seek advice when ordering. There are 3 types of glue used in the creation of tape: Hot-melt, Solvent, Acrylic.

Our customers usually order:

  • Packaging tapes made of polypropylene (PP)
  • Tapes made of pvc
  • Tapes made of paper

PP (polypropylene) packaging tapes

Most popular and used in almost every workplace and at home. They may be fully transparent or colored. Most affordable, resistant to UV, non-stretchable longitudinally and slow aging are just some of its attributes.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) packaging tapes

packaging tapes PVC
Tapes with prints. We should take an interest in it when we’d like to place our logo our some text on the tape. Today, more and more companies are beginning to use the tape precisely due to the possibility of marking their products, thereby promoting their brand. What is characteristic of PVC tapes is the possibility to rip them manually (we do not need scissors to tear off a piece of tape). High resistance to moisture.

Packaging tapes ordered from us are packed in bulk boxes, with 36 pieces per box. For larger orders, bulk boxes are placed on a pallet, which fits 96 boxes.
Ask which tape will be the best for your needs.

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