Plastic sheeting

The Plastic sheeting is widely used in various branches of the industry, trades as well as agriculture. The versatility of this type of packaging stems from the convenience of its use, and the ability to adjust parameters of the sleeve to individual needs. This method of wrapping is much cheaper than cardboard box packaging. Foils may have different widths, film thickness, color, and various forms, ex. with or without tabs. There is also a possibility of placing a repeatedly printed logo or name of the manufacturer on the Plastic sheeting.

The foils offered by us are manufactured exclusively from high-quality pellets. Each customer has the ability to choose the type of width, and thickness of the foil, as well as the amount on a roll. We are very flexible when it comes to adjusting the parameters of sleeves because our modern machine park gives us a very large production capacity. Thanks to it we are able to quickly realize any requests, even those most specific and detailed. We specialize in offering plastic sheeting with unusual mixtures of compounds and additives. Our customers often require foils resistant to UV, with a larger slip, anti-static (!) or with high resistance to mechanical damage.

We offer foil tape in the following parameters:

    plastic sheeting

  • width from 5 cm to 460 cm
  • thickness from 0,01 to 0,5 mm
  • transparent or colored
  • possibility of adding a logo/graphic with set spacing on the foil
  • produced from standard or heat shrink wrap
  • possibility of using add-ons: Anti-static, UV Stabilizers, Flame/Fire Retardant, Sip/Anti-block agents etc.

For special requests, we also produce the foil with slits / perforations anywhere at a specified length of the foil.

Plastic sheeting LDPE

Offered in the form of rolls of varying coil from 5 to 100 kg, a width from 10 to 460 cm, thickness: 0.01 to 0.5 mm. Possibility of dying the foils in any color and degree of transparency / milkiness. In addition, we can place a specifically spaced repeatable logo or graphic on the foil. Minimum order of 100kg.

Plastic sheeting MDPE

plastic sheeting
As in the case of low-density polyethylene, foils made of MDPE are offered in the form of a roll with the weight of 5 to 100 kg. A characteristic feature of this polyethylene is its greater resistance to mechanical damage, and natural, translucent color. Packaging tape strongly adheres to this foil mixture. Additionally, the Plastic sheeting can be tinted to any color with the possibility of applying logos or artwork according to the client’s need.

Plastic sheeting HDPE

Foil made of high-density polyethylene characterized by having the highest resistance to mechanical damage, chemical resistance (especially to bases and acids), very good weldability and a reasonable price. Orders can be placed in packages of 5 to 100 kg, width: 10 to 460 cm.

All Plastic sheeting no matter from which granules they will be manufactured, are made to fit each and every custom order, according to the specifications and arrangements with the client.

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