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Stretch wrap is the most commonly used foil for packaging. It is made from low-density polyethylene stretch film, which proves to be very durable due to being multilayered. It can be sued to wrap all sorts of products, both on their own and those mass packaged, even full pallets. The foil protects the product from dirt, dampness and at some level even from theft. There is a standard differentiation between machine and manual foil. Manual foil is used for manual wrapping of goods, while the machine foil is used in packaging machines fe . pallet wrappers.

The Stretch wrap offered by us can have the thickness of 30 microns, although the size of this parameter affects the guaranteed stretch, which can amount to even 300%. When it comes to the foil’s width, we recommend dimensions from 10 to 100 cm, both in the cases of manual and machine foil. It is possible to order transparent or colored foil fe. black or blue. The offered foil is highly appreciated by customers due to the quality, high strength, and an attractive price.

Transparent Stretch wrap

Most popular in the world. Used in many branches of the industries. The standard thickness is 20-25 microns. Very cheap and yet protecting products very well during transport. The preliminary tension at the level of 150-200% makes it perfectly “sticks” to itself forming a tough and tight protective coating. When wrapped several times it can protect products weighing over 1000 kg. We offer rolls of various width and wound.
pre black stretch wrap

Black Stretch wrap

Black film is commonly used to protect the load from unwanted eyes. An aesthetic appearance, protection and parameters identical to the transparent foil. Second, most popular foil used in the world.

Pre-stretched wrap

It is used most frequently during packaging, stabilizing and securing products on a pallet. Twice thinner, however, for the initial stretch it makes it even more effectively stabilize the goods and load during transport. Thereby minimizing the movement of the packaged products. Wrapping is shorter (requires fewer wraps). It’s ecological – more than 50% less waste compared to the standard clear stretch.

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